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    ROS Motor Controller Drivers

    This page aggregates all ROS packages that allow interfacing with a motor controller or servo controller.

    PhidgetMotorControl HC (1064)


    Node Architecture

    • Publisher/Subscriber model
    • Subscribes to:
    • Publishes:
      • phidgets/motorcontrol motor_params (motor index, velocity, and current)

    Roboteq AX2550 Motor Controller


    Node Architecture

    Robotis Dynamixel Servos

    Dynamixel SDK

    Dynamixel Workbench


    Esmacat Motor Driver

    Official Contact Page: Esmacat

    Motor Driver 250

    Chip Robotics

    Contact page: Chip Robotics Product Website: https://chiprobotics.com

    Brushless DC Motor Controller

    Wiki: Motor Controller Drivers (2020-06-15 18:15:19由Esmacat編輯)